there's no escape now
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come in if you dare

forum je odprt že od 10. julija 2012, ko ga je naredila glavna adminka nika (samara). sprva je bil poimenovan la hollywood, kasneje venice streets, zdaj pa silent hill. preden se registriraš poglej listo cannon likov in si poljubno izberi tistega ki ti je najbolj všeč in je še na voljo. potem se prijavi, naredi lasten plot page in začni pisati. love, sh team
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samara & lilith
you're gonna die in there

vsa grafika, coding oz. celotna zasnova foruma je narejena izpod rok admink tine in nike. ne kopiraj! vse je last foruma in adminki sta v to vložili veliko dela.
true friends kill together


 jake zach livington

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jake zach livington
good soul
good soul
jake zach livington

▌faceclaim : loganfuckinglerman
▌status : singleashell
▌nickname : jake, that's it. don't you dare to call me zach.
▌family : well, i don't know them.
▌posts : 24
▌trapped since : 27/06/2013

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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: jake zach livington   jake zach livington EmptyTor Jul 02, 2013 9:47 am

everywhere i look

jake zach livington Logilermi

about jake
4 word description - dreamer, peaceful, nice, sweet
occupation - model
status - single
other claims - nope (:

jake zack livington
19 years old

application - profile
on one of many shows
''well people, we have a very special suprise for you. guess who is going to be here with me on the stage. jake zack livington!''

''jake, i can't believe i met you, it's really nice to see you!''
oh, thanks, i can't believe i met you too! it's nice to see you guys - all of you.

''well, why did you start with your career as a model?''
well, i gotta say, i have no idea. [laugh] it started, when i saw jack olsson on one of those streets in my town, and he stopped. he was watching me and then he came with that big smile and said: gosh, your face, your eyes, your everything.. is perfect! did you ever thought you could be a model?! ohmy, i couldn't understand that was really happening. you know, that one minute changed my life.

''what about your childood?''
uhm, it was nothing special. i have no sisters, no brothers - it's just me, with my parents. i was and i am an ordinary guy haha. i wish i could be...

''than tell us something about your character?''
ehm, i'm not a womanizer, like some people think - srsly, i'm a nice person. people say i'm really cute and sweet, with a lot of humor. and.. you may say i'm dreamer, but i'm not the only one. and what else? well, i like peace. i'm quiet a lot of time. ok, that's it! [smile] and i suffer, because i'm a hybrid. you don't know me. no one does.

''do you want to tell us anything else about you?''
oh no, no thanks. i don't think i'm that type of really, really interesting person hah. [smile, wave]

''well, thank you for your time, see ya' next time!''
you're welcome. bye guys! [goes out]
i see you, i feel you

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jake zach livington
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