there's no escape now
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come in if you dare

forum je odprt že od 10. julija 2012, ko ga je naredila glavna adminka nika (samara). sprva je bil poimenovan la hollywood, kasneje venice streets, zdaj pa silent hill. preden se registriraš poglej listo cannon likov in si poljubno izberi tistega ki ti je najbolj všeč in je še na voljo. potem se prijavi, naredi lasten plot page in začni pisati. love, sh team
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samara & lilith
you're gonna die in there

vsa grafika, coding oz. celotna zasnova foruma je narejena izpod rok admink tine in nike. ne kopiraj! vse je last foruma in adminki sta v to vložili veliko dela.
true friends kill together


 savannah zoe deforest

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savannah zoe deforest
bad soul
bad soul
savannah zoe deforest

▌faceclaim : taylor momsen
▌status : i set my heart on fire a long time ago
▌nickname : zoe, anna
▌family : well, we are all original vamps, some good and some bad
▌posts : 14
▌trapped since : 28/06/2013
▌free time : i like reading and killing. i'm very shy, you see
▌lol : i can kill you now, or i can kill you in seven days

savannah zoe deforest Empty
ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: savannah zoe deforest   savannah zoe deforest EmptySob Jun 29, 2013 3:04 am

my body breathes, heart still beats

savannah zoe deforest Tumblr_m6zq7rykb01qeopx8o3_250

about savannah
4 word description - evil , genius, cold-hearted, reckless
occupation - well, i am an immortal and immoral creature, but i'm studying physics and pathology for fun. in my free time i like to sing
status - i've built my wall so high, that no one can climb it
other claims - none atm

savannah zoe deforest
original vampire
18 years old

application - profile
Well, let's say that I've been 18 for a long time now. I'm frozen. I've been alive for thousands of years. Why is that, you may ask? Ah, no biggie. Just vampirism. Actually, I'm an original vampire.
My brothers and sisters are too. And although I despise the 'good ones', they are still my family and I care about them. A little. Enough to save them from danger, not enough to give a damn about them. There are two so-called badasses in our family. Me and my brother dylan.
I don't care about humans' lives. I kill out of fun, out of need for blood, out of boredom, out of revenge and much more. Sometimes it's just a random attack, because I feel like it.
I like boys and am a very outgoing person. but i don't believe in love, because one asshole broke my heart a few hundred years ago and i ain't letting that happen again. that's why my relationships are made out of summer romances and one night stands. or if it was good, more night stands. but, maybe, if i find someone really special, maybe i'll open up my heart for him.
i have killer looks and i am well aware of that. i also know that i'm a genius, a mad scientist if you like. i preformed autopsies on people. while they were alive. i did horrible things. as a human and as a vampire. woops.
i use my smarts. but for evil purposes. how to make someone suffer, for an example. suffer to death.
i am a fearless and a reckless party girl that doesn't stop at anything. if i want something i will get it. no matter who i have to torture or kill along the way. i am determined. i can be a fun and nice person to hang with. if i like you, you deserve it and you're not just a playtoy-soon-to-become dead meat.
my jokes are mainly black-humor and pessimistic views on the world. i'm very impatient.
now on to the physical appearance.
i have cold blue eyes, and pearly white teeth. my smiles are usually sarcastic and evil. sometimes they are real. i have long blonde hair. i'm a bit skinnier than i should be, so bones stick out. well, i can't change that now. i'm quite tall and i love wearing high-heels. i dress a it provocative. ups. really, i don't care what people think of my clothing taste. i love it. i'm a perfectionist so you will never see me less that 100% done and tidy. except after a killing spree. i have no mercy.
By the way, I hate the name savannah. call me zoe or anna. if you want to piss me off and then die, then of course you're welcome to call me savannah. 
but i am not alive

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savannah zoe deforest
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